New Products!

New Products!

In February of this year, we made our first HUGE step of launching our premium, Icelandic brand in the US by introducing our lemon & lemon-mint Cod Liver Oil to the market. We have been so thrilled to see the positive feedback surrounding these two products! It has been so cool to see the various reactions to trying them for the first time… children widening their eyes at the sound of “liquid cod liver oil” but then loving the taste, young couples daring each other to just “try it” and then buying two bottles on the spot, and especially all those who shared stories of their grandparents “shoving that stuff down their throat” just to be extremely shocked when they could only taste FRUIT and not FISH. All of you have been such a pleasure to meet, and we are so happy to be a part of your lives.

You all have loved the Cod Liver Oil, there’s no doubt about that. That’s why we are very excited to introduce our next 3 products to the US! We will be launching these new products at Expo East in Baltimore, MD on September 13-15, and they will be available online shortly after. Let’s dive into these new products and discuss their differences, shall we?

Junior Fish Oil- $29.99 (in stores)

When we were discussing which products we should import next, this was at the top of our (and your) list! Having a very similar ingredient list to our Cod Liver Oil, it also contains tuna oil for extra DHA. This product is formulated specifically with your child in mind, and this extra DHA is added to assist with proper brain development and cognitive function. The serving size will remain at 1 teaspoon, and your child will receive 600 mg DHA and 300mg EPA, as well as Vitamins A, D, and E per serving!

This product has been repeatedly requested, and it will be here soon! Introduce your children to Cody the Cod (on front), as well as their new favorite lemony oil!

Omega-3 Fish Oil- $31.99 (in stores)

Are you wanting a power-packed teaspoon of fish oil, full of EPA and DHA? Perhaps this is the product for you! This is our most potent product in terms of EPA and DHA, containing a combined 1,300 mg of these two Omega-3s. Keep in mind that this product DOES NOT contain Vitamins A, D, and E like the Cod Liver Oil and Junior Fish Oil, so factor that into your decision when making your purchase.

Once again masterfully flavored with natural lemon, you’ll be anticipating your fish oil all day!

Omega-3 Forte Capsules- $27.99 (in stores)

Do you travel often? Do you sometimes forget to take your liquid fish oil? Are you not QUITE ready to commit to taking liquids every day?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then Omega-3 Forte may suit your needs. While we are fully committed to spreading the immense benefits of liquid Omega-3s, sometimes life can simply get in the way of your health goals. This is why we have decided to launch our first round of capsules. You can expect over 1,200mg of Omega-3s per serving (2 capsules), which are easily accessible via the blister packs in which they are held. If you take 2 capsules daily, the box will last you approximately 1 month (32 servings).

Many of you have asked us to bring over capsules, so we are happy to launch our first of MANY Omega-3 capsules in the US!

Thank you so much for reading! As we have stated several times, we are SO excited for all of you to try these new products! Please let us know if you have any questions- we pinky promise to update you when they are available!


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